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A mix collection of just a few of some of my favourite tracks of the year. The last mix of the year for me to complete 2019. Thank you for all the support this year.


Uplifting, soothing deep and progressive house for an Autumn warm up!


This month's mix is a game of two halves just like the joker himself. It's a journey with a split personality; there are some really deep solid emotional tracks that build through the keys to a lighter half way point. At the hour mark we delve into twisted rolling grooves that jolt and disorientate then plunge into massive darker, fast paced rhythms.

September Feat. Neil Rigg on Live Guitar

This was a very adhoc late September mix; recorded as always live in one take. However, this time something occurs as special element as my friend Neil Rigg plugged into one of my channels and played guitar live along side me, giving the mix a live jamming style extra. i gave him some effects where suited and played some rare remixes and some new promo's from the boys at IN2U records. the result - 80 mins of solid spaced out sounds! Neil isn't 'technically' into Progressive House music and it's the first time we've ever done this together but I think you'll agree that he's a very quick learner - We had lots of fun! Hope this comes across and you enjoy this jam as much as we did!


We're not playing games this month. I wanted to create some serious energy from a darker set of tracks, yet still provide that clinical tech sound I love so much. All the big names appear here with some more unknown that really work early on. Expect tracks from Khen, Quivver, Oliver Schories, Tibi Dabo, Mononoid, Kamilo Sanclemente and many more. As always please feel free to leave a review

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