Lost In Lockdown 28052020

‘Lost In Lockdown’ Week 8 - Sasha 25th Anniversary Essential Mix @ Que Club. In 1995, BBC Radio 1 and Cream put together their 'Live' tour with amazing line ups and aired them 'live' for the first time on the radio for listeners. On the Saturday 27th May, The ‘Grande Finale’ of the tour was at the legendary ‘Que Club’ in Birmingham and boasted a line up that featured the biggest Dj’s in the UK at that time. An all-night affair at a club that could hold thousands from 10pm-6am was a first of it’s kind and for the first time you could sit at home listening to the music and madness erupting. After Sasha & John Digweed’s 1994 Renaissance album had converted and gained so many more fans to the duos epic brand of House Music, 1995 was to take it to the next level. The advancements in the sound they started playing was to be an insight into the future of electronic music. Progressive House suddenly had a harder edge and pushed the boundaries of sound using technology far away from the traditional House music sound with piano and soulful vocals. The reason I have chosen to commemorate this mix is that it changed my outlook on House music. I have always enjoyed all genres of music but back then we didn’t have the amounts of genres and sub-genres enjoyed now. I knew I was hearing something very different. I recorded the whole broadcast from start to finish, swapping 90 min tapes in and out, barely containing my excitement for what I was hearing and capturing. The crowd noises, Tong’s voice bellowing out over the roar of the crowd announcing the DJ's – it was just amazing, literally AMAZING. Out of all the mixes, it was, of course, Sasha’s that caught my attention and engaged me more than all the other mixes. Having already seen him play this was the nucleus for a brand new Sasha obsession. To celebrate 25 years since Sasha played the mix live on air that Saturday evening (I still have the original tape, see pic) I’m going to play all the tracks he played* and hope to give us all the sense of nostalgia and wonderment I felt that night. Most of the tracks are recordings from my vinyl collection before I sold it all to a collector back in 2014. The mix itself is only around 80 mins so I’ll play some extra tracks from his other sets around the same time. For myself, 1995 was my favourite year of clubbing ever. The music, the DJ’s the energy at that time was explosive. Join me and let’s take the journey back together.


Intro - Danny Jarvis - Sasha & Pete Tong
1) BT – Tripping The Light Fantastic (Perfecto)
2) Microman - Microhouse (Pumphouse)
3) Hal 9000 - Stoopid (Fresh)
4) Count Indigo - Unknown Love (Cowboy)
5) Speedy J - G Spot (BMU)
6) Blue Amazon - The Blessing (Jackpot)
7) BT - Loving You More (Dub Mix) (Perfecto)
8. BT - Loving You More (Vocal Mix) (Perfecto)
9) Parks & Wilson vs Quivver - I Dream (Perfecto)
10) Bump – I’m Rushing (Bump's 95 Mix (Deconstruction)
11)New Order - Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)
12) Bassheads - Is there Anybody Out There (Hardfloor Remix)
13) Moziac 'Rays of the Sun' (Dekkard & Dane Mix)instead.
Outro - Danny Jarvis - Pete Tong

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