Lost In Lockdown 23042020

Week 3 - This week is a real deep dive into some tracks that ordinarily wouldn't go into the mix with each other. There are two classic ambient tracks from the beloved Global Underground early 007 & 009 CDs and some more subtle tracks from over the last 5 years that have found their way into my heart; like Gallago - Lost Signal & Heal Me by Roderiguez Jr, Dee Montero's Solace and right through to Sudbeat tracks, Matt Rowan, Alex O'Rion Remixes and Adana Twins - it's a classic session mix basically.

Whilst we are all in 'Lockdown' I'd like to take you away with me for 2 musical hours every Thursday. A chance to dig around my record collection and play some uplifting music - all mixed live on 'Facebook Live'. Expect ambient tracks, laid back Ibiza grooves, some house classics and some deep vibes from producers around the world. So, find a spot in the house or garden and I'll do the work. I record every set so if you have to tune out or can't make it worry not, I got you. I'll add the mix afterwards to my website, Mixcloud and Soundcloud and It'll stay on my Facebook feed. https://dannyjarvis.co.uk/episodes https://soundcloud.com/djdannyjarvis https://www.mixcloud.com/dannyjarvis/
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