April 2020

Mixed 'live' for my 42nd birthday, I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia & mix a more ‘house-music’ style set of tracks put together for fun rather than a big serious soundscape like my usual fare. Lots of tracks are from years ago and the entire mix spans pretty much from 1991-2020. It’s not a retrospective of house music but I did want to include a few classics and include some good old hands in the air piano tracks that do it for me and capture that sense of care-free happiness from the early 1990s. I grew up listening to hardcore, jungle, intelligent drum and bass, house and then mainly progressive house – I always loved the different sounds being produced by each genre and I feel today the melting pot of electronic music has them all fused neatly together. I hope more than anything this mix brings a smile and that you as the listener can nod your head to a good few of these tracks and I take you back to your very own feelings of love and nostalgia. Enjoy. DJ

  1. Intro – Jaydee Plastic Dreams (Original Mix)
  2. Fingers Inc - My House (Acapella)
  3. Pional – Miracle (Open Up Mix)
  4. Luke Fair – Grouper (Fiesta Bros Mix)
  5. Jelly For The Babies – Pure (Kostya Outta Mix)
  6. DJ Chus, DJ Wady & Patrick M – Hulk
  7. Giorgia Angiuli – Take Me Back (Hernan Cattaneo & Lonya Mix)
  8. Faran Rehamn & Stalvart John- Khwatta Ceremony (Original Mix)
  9. Dmitry Molosh – Triple Cheese (Original Mix)
  10. Richie Blacker – Erie (Original Mix)
  11. Van Bellen – Let Me Take You On A Journey (Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenberg Mix)
  12. Damien Spencer – Try (Niceshot Remix)
  13. Sentre – U&Me (Danny’s Loop-a-pella)
  14. Medway & Luke Porter – RTFM (Cid Inc Mix)
  15. Mario Puccio – Shine (Lonya Mix)
  16. Chantal – The Realm (Original Acapella)
  17. Sentre – Do it (Original Mix)
  18. Yousef – Super (Original Mix)
  19. Dee Montero – Solace (Original Mix)
  20. Marsh – 1992 (Original Mix)
  21. Slam – Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
  22. Gat Décor – Passion (Naked Mix)
  23. Tiger Stripes & Riva Starr Feat. MC GQ – Sounds of the bettest (Original Mix)
  24. Audiojack – Warehouse
  25. Frankey Wah – Get Me High (Original mix)
  26. Bicep - Glue (Original Mix)
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