January 2020

I began listening to house music at a very early age thanks to an older brother into the early Acid House Scene. As such my influences are varied but there’s always an ‘old skool’ sound that you’ll subtly hear coming through in my music. The ingredients of a good mix, for me, have never changed but you’ll never hear me playing track after track of obvious peak time tracks or ‘hits' of the moment that typify a trend. Instead, I look to hook listeners into warm grooves and hypnotic vibes that melt and flow into tracks without losing the overall thread of the journey I’m creating. I hope you have an unexpected trip into nostalgia as glide you through 120 mins of atmospheric house music. Peace & Love DJ

Gux Jimenez, Javier Duque, Jab Vix, Baile & Tim Green, Felicia Douglass, Jelly For The Babies, Damien Spencer, Juan Sapia and more.
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