Northern Exposure Marketing

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Northern Exposure Marketing

Northern Exposure Marketing

Why Northern Exposure?

We can help you build your website whilst putting our marketing expertise inside it. So if you want a ready to go, 24 hour a day marketing dept – without the cost of one – read on.

We’ll help you communicate your key messages to help reach your potential audience.

Strategy Isn't Boring.

marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling your products or services, including market research and advertising. Yawn! Zzzzzzzzzzzz that’s half the story. At Northern Exposure we like to think that marketing is creative thinking whilst using the right mix of technology to an agreed strategy & plan.

Strategy & Web Design.

Web design, Digital team management, Digital marketing & SEO, Online & offline marketing & promotions, Targeted social media marketing for businesses, Copywriting, Graphic design & Professional Photography.

It's About Ideas.

For the last 15 years I have been supporting owners & directors of fast paced successful companies whilst genuinely making a difference & adding value to their organisations at every level.

It’s about feel good strategic ideas and communicating that message to your potential audience in your own way.

Software Included.

I come pre-programmed with considerable experience in start up, SME & multi-million growth development in the leisure sector. But marketing is marketing. I can deliver projects that achieve time & cost considerations whilst exceeding client needs in highly competitive market sectors.

Other Skills In The Briefcase

General management, Venue management, Strategy formation, Process creation & management, Client & account handling, Managing external contractors & suppliers, Merchandising.

Business development, Team building & leadership, Customer service & Stock control, budgeting & purchasing.